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This template expands into a featured article preview randomly selected from the included list. Add appropriate entries to the list in <option> tags. If it works out well and once we have enough entries, this template can be used as the body of the "Random Featured Article" part of the main page. See the MediaWiki page for more information about the <choose> and <option> tags.

Stuff that actually shows up begins here

Hidden Answers

Hidden Answers is an uncensored General-subject Q&A forum. The site was designed as a deep web version of yahoo answers, except in an uncensored format.

The site was created by the users pinochet and wowaname during June of 2015. The site contains many categories including 'Hacking', "Drugs", "Erotica", "Sexytimes" and many others. The site is actively maintained and disallows spam, commmercial or otherwise. Currently there is over 5500 registered accounts. It is a nice place.

Hidden Answers has a wiki located here.

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