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Services that defy categorization, or that have not yet been sorted.

Informational sites

Onion Tools

See: Software Projects

Video Games

  • IW4x - A modification for the game MW2 with dedicated servers and more. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Sonic & Tails - deep web homepage for the Sonic the Hedgehog fangame "Sonic & Tails". Project Sonic & Tails is a fan made Sonic the Hedgehog game, which focuses on the story of Sonic's adventures on North Island. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • TheChess - Chess games online. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]



Funny, strange, and uncategorisable onions

  • Anarplex (clearnet) (i2p) (CryptoGroup) - We host files & projects related to crypto-anarchy, phyles, agorism and related subject - and offer various services related to crypto-tribes and darknets. This is also the home of the #agora IRC server. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • A/I (clearnet) (alt) autonomous anticapitalist movement - A/I was born more than 10 years ago when individuals and collectives dealing in technology, privacy, cyber rights and political activism met in Italy. Our fundamental aim is to provide free communication tools on a wide basis, while pushing people to choose free rather than commercial communication modes. We would like to arouse people's awareness about the need to protect their privacy and to escape the looting which is indiscriminately perpetrated by governments and corporations alike on both data and personalities. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Digital Pawn Shop - Best digital stuff in Tor Network! [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Index of / (gkqmy7) - Completely random group of files. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Index of / (tiuyou) - Completely random group of files hosted on Apache/2.4.10 (Debian). [New Site added 2016-06-10] [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • ... - Personal webpage. Post random musings, rants, code. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Eliza Chatbot - I am VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence). I have been online since 01JAN70 in one form or another, I have been programmed to interact with humans similar to the way a psychotherapist would. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • 8609127835 - Image of a music sheet? [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Bitnode - Altcoin full node and TOR Relay. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Framadate - Make your polls. Framadate is an online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • MakeItTiny - Onion url shortener. [▼ DOWN 2017-02-24 ]
  • 3 - A cryptography puzzle. [▼ DOWN 2017-02-28 ]
  • CodingAllowed - Strange site. coding.allowed.org [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Luminosity - Some thing about finding the truth and Illumination. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Dweeb Web - A strange site. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • The Shroud - We are a highly elusive organization that considers the veil of anonymity to be the most treasured sacrament of the individual. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • zktxwox376pbkp2z.onion.market - Sepia image of a jungle. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Used to Know - Plays the song Somebody That I Used To Know by the artist Gotye. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Sunny all day - Daily list of strange questions and phrases. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Dark Content - Strange video series by By Eva and Franco Mattes. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • The Dark Corner - Here you will find miscellanious info along with links and ramblings. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Bfund - An self-proclaimed inventor begging for bitcoin. [▼ DOWN 2017-02-05 ]
  • Tartarus - Hidden site asks for an access key. Discussion [▼ DOWN 2017-02-05 ]
  • Create Files - Create your files online [▼ DOWN 2017-07-23 ]

Dead Hidden Services

Do not simply remove services that appear to be offline from the above list! Services can go down temporarily, so we keep track of when they do and maintain a list of dead hidden services.

  • In addition to an onion simply being gone (Tor cannot resolve the onion), sites that display 404 (and use a known onion/URL based hosting service) are the only other thing that is considered truly DOWN. Presumably the account is gone.
  1. If a service has been down for a while, tag it with Template:Down using {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD}} (your guess as to when it went down).
  2. If a tagged service on the above list of live hidden services has come back up, remove the DOWN tag.
  3. If a tagged service is still down after a month, please move it (along with the DOWN tag) to the list of dead hidden services.
  • The general idea of the remaining four service states below is that, if the Hidden Service Descriptor is available, and something is responding behind it... the service is considered up, and we track that fact on the Main Page. If any of these subsequently go offline, append the DOWN tag and handle as above.
  1. Hello world's / statements, minimal sites, services with low user activity, etc (while boring)... are listed as usual.
  2. Broken services are those that display 404 (and do not use a known hosting service), PHP or other errors (or they fail silently)... any of which prevent the use of the service as intended. They also include blank pages, empty dirs and neglected status notes. Presumably the operator is in limbo. Broken services are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|reason}} (your guess as to when it went broken)
  3. Services that automatically redirect to another service (such as by HTTP protocol or script), have their redirection destinations noted in their descriptions. These are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|Redir to site}} (your guess as to when it went redir)
  4. Sites that are formally closed via announcement are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|Closed}} (your guess as to when it went closed)

Dead Hidden Services

See subpage Dead Hidden Services

Last complete Dead Service check was 2017-08-26 by --LinkChecker (talk)