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Subject: (Korea Internet & Security Agency) A Notice of Personal Information Exposure
From: 한국인터넷진흥원 <>
Date: Thu, April 27, 2017 4:01 am
Priority: Normal
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Our Company, ITNOMADS Co., Ltd., is Personal Information Response team 1 of Personal Information Response center (PIRST:Privacy Incident Response SysTem) and we are entrusted with the "Personal Information Exposure Detection and Deletion Service" by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA,

KISA is an agency under the presidency of Presidential Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning which is pursuing the information protection measure pursuant to Article 52 of the 「ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC.」, In order to prevent abuse of personal information, we are searching personal information such as the resident registration number of South Korea and requesting removal through “Privacy Incident Response SysTem.”

We have noticed that personal information was exposed on your website ( ). Exposed personal information can be spread through search engines, etc. and damage is getting bigger such as impersonation, pharming, SMS phishing, voice phishing, electronic financial fraud, and illegal distribution in China, etc. To prevent the secondary damage, please remove the corresponding exposure.

The information of website for which deletion measures are insufficient is sent to Korea Communications Commission.

▣ How to take action

Delete pages with personal information from the web server or mask personal information or Please make the post private. (ex:870929-*******, 홍*동, 02-9***-1***, s**@**.net, 010-9***-1**8).

※ If personal information is exposed through the attached file, delete it from the database server or mask the exposed personal information.

※ Exposed URL is as follows. Please check and take an action and reply to the mail.