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Caption Front page
Web address
Tagline Secure Darknet Email
Commercial? No
Type of site Email
Registration Required
Available in English
Users n/a
Owner sigaint
Launched 28 May 2014[1]
Current Status Offline
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Sigaint was an anonymous darknet email service that allows you to send and receive email without revealing your location or identity. It was considered by some the successor to TorMail due to its prevalence of use among journalists, dissidents, intelligence agencies and cyber criminals.[2]

In February 2017, the site (along with its BTC mixer PayShield) mysteriously went offline with no explanation from the owners. Both its ".org" website and its onion link return error code 500.

Suspected government attack

In April 2015, according to the Administrator a persistent attacker with access to nearly 70 bad Tor exit nodes (around 6 percent of the total) had tried to compromise the email service.

“So apparently we have drawn attention to our humble little email service that mostly lives inside of the Tor network. Today we reported 58 bad exit nodes to Philipp. He instantly found 12 more that we had missed, and there may be even more of them. (Thank you, Philipp!) FYI: They were added to the BadExit list just hours ago so traffic to them should dry up. The attacker had been trying various exploits against our infrastructure over the past few months. Our exploit mitigations have been sounding various alarms.” is reported in the tor-talk mailing list.[2]

SIGAINT administrators speculate that the service was not compromised, but there is the concrete possibility that attackers have obtained credentials of an unknown number of users.

“We are confident that they didn’t get in,” states the alert. “It looks like they resorted to rewriting the URL located on to one of theirs so they could MITM [man-in-the-middle] logins and spy in real-time.”

Shut down

The site has been unreachable since at least February 11th, with no news about what's happening.

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