Outlaw Market

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Outlaw Market
Caption: Outlaw sign in page
Web Address(s): http://outlaw2kyxddkuqc.onion.market/
Referral: No
Forum: http://outforumbpapnpqr.onion.market/
Uptime: 97.27%
Listings: 291, 0.52%
Previously hacked: Yes [1]
Owner: OUTLAW, Stubenküken
Launched: March 2014 [2]
Current Status: Online

Outlaw Market is an online market operating as a Tor hidden service. The website launched in March 2014 [3] and is currently one of the smaller markets operating compared to the larger ones such as Agora, Evolution, and Silk Road with little forum activity.

Distinguishable Features

  • PGP secure login: This feature is mandatory for all sellers and administrators in a way to prevent phishing. With PGP secure login, every time a user logs in he will have to decrypt an automatically generated PGP message that contains a randomly generated password that he must then copy paste to proceed to the Market.
  • Automatic message encryption: Once the user registers his PGP Public Key, all his communication across the market will be automatically encrypted to the receiver of the message. The server holds no Private Keysof any users, making it impossible to be decrypted internally. We find this to be of high importance since many buyers do not master encryption and sometimes might send address and other sensitive information unencrypted.
  • Prepaid Trading time: 30€ for 30 days of trading. 3% fee on all purchases and 1% Tumbler fee on all payouts. The 3% fee will automatically top up your trading time according to your sales. eg. You sell a 100€ product. Which is taxed with a 3% fee, accounting for 3€. This 3€ will automatically top up 3 days of trading (1€ per day). [4]


According to reddit and other sources, Outlaw began displaying this message starting September 4th. It has also been claimed that the admin has been absent and withdrawals have been closed.

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