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News Blogs with onion links.

Onion Links

  • Deep Dot Web - News website about darknet, drug, and privacy related news. [Protected Link] [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • ProPublica - Journalism in the Public Interest. Their work focuses exclusively on truly important stories, stories with “moral force.” [Protected Link][1]
  • Daily Stormer - American neo-nazi and white supremacist news and commentary site. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • FLASHLIGHT - Deepweb community. News, links, reviews, forum and more. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • World News Radio - 24-hour live radio news. The aim of the ‘World News Radio Today’ project is to provide a global talk-back radio station and full digital customized news delivery platform utilizing new and current technology to create a ‘digital disruption’ of the status quo. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • The Courage Foundation - The Courage Foundation is an international organisation that supports those who risk life or liberty to make significant contributions to the historical record. We fundraise for the legal and public defence of specific individuals who fit these criteria and are subject to serious prosecution or persecution. We also campaign for the protection of truthtellers and the public’s right to know generally. [▼ DOWN 2016-12-18 ]
  • SoylentNews - We are a volunteer-powered news aggregation site that deliver articles about technology, science, and general interest. We also host public discussion and utilize a powerful comment moderation system. This is an open-source, community-driven project and evolves based on the will of the community. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Tor News - All the latest Tor news. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]

Dead Hidden Services

Do not simply remove services that appear to be offline from the above list! Services can go down temporarily, so we keep track of when they do and maintain a list of dead hidden services.

  • In addition to an onion simply being gone (Tor cannot resolve the onion), sites that display 404 (and use a known onion/URL based hosting service) are the only other thing that is considered truly DOWN. Presumably the account is gone.
  1. If a service has been down for a while, tag it with Template:Down using {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD}} (your guess as to when it went down).
  2. If a tagged service on the above list of live hidden services has come back up, remove the DOWN tag.
  3. If a tagged service is still down after a month, please move it (along with the DOWN tag) to the list of dead hidden services.
  • The general idea of the remaining four service states below is that, if the Hidden Service Descriptor is available, and something is responding behind it... the service is considered up, and we track that fact on the Main Page. If any of these subsequently go offline, append the DOWN tag and handle as above.
  1. Hello world's / statements, minimal sites, services with low user activity, etc (while boring)... are listed as usual.
  2. Broken services are those that display 404 (and do not use a known hosting service), PHP or other errors (or they fail silently)... any of which prevent the use of the service as intended. They also include blank pages, empty dirs and neglected status notes. Presumably the operator is in limbo. Broken services are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|reason}} (your guess as to when it went broken)
  3. Services that automatically redirect to another service (such as by HTTP protocol or script), have their redirection destinations noted in their descriptions. These are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|Redir to site}} (your guess as to when it went redir)
  4. Sites that are formally closed via announcement are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|Closed}} (your guess as to when it went closed)

Dead Hidden Services

See subpage Dead Hidden Services


Last complete Dead Service check was 2017-08-26 by --LinkChecker (talk)