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Dead Links


Link lists

  • Harry71 - Onion Spider Robot is a daily updated extensive list of Onion sites. The owner runs a crawler that checks if the sites are up, fetches the link and title and dumps it on his homepage. The site also contains some statistics about uptime and hosts. [▼ DOWN 2017-02-28 2017-05-07 - Sorry folks, there is not much chance of this coming back soon. I hope to fix it one day. ]
  • OldHorn – Tor Classifieds [▼ DOWN 2016-04-19 ]
  • OnionList – Non‐wiki mirror of The Hidden Wiki. Doesn’t seem to be actively maintained. [▼ DOWN 2016-04-19 ]
  • TorX [▼ DOWN 2015-12-13 ] – TOR directory of hidden Services & Sites.
  • Vault43 – Collection of resources and data gathered from various TOR sites that allows users to view markets and their features, general ratings, and a large amount of related darknet material. [▼ DOWN 2016-04-19 ]
  • Site Rating/Checking - We check if the site is up so you don't have to! [▼ DOWN 2016-04-19 ]
  • linklist – A long link list that hides inaccessible hidden services automatically. Allows users to add services. Users can also use it to check if a hidden service is only down on their end. [▼ DOWN 2016-04-19 Says It will be relaunched earliest on October 31st 2015. ]

Search engines

  • Sinbad Search – Indexes the hidden service descriptor list rather than relying solely on a spider. [▼ DOWN 2016-04-19 ]

Social media


  • spearpeng! - One of the greatest phishing services in the deep web. The free demo is for testing only, if you want to use it on real people, you need a payed option. (Invite only, but you can find some here and here) [▼ DOWN 2016-04-19 ]
  • OnionUp?: down for everyone or just me? (clearnet link [ Clearnet link! ]) [▼ DOWN 2016-04-19 ]

Old Dead sites