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Working sites


  • - Everything about privacy. A highly recommended read for beginners and a good resource! [▼ DOWN 2017-02-10 ]
  • Email Self-Defense: [ Clearnet link! ] a guide to fighting surveillance with GnuPG encryption.
  • Security in a Box: [ Clearnet link! ] take it with a grain of salt.
  • Surveillance Self-Defense [ Clearnet link! ] - is a guide to protecting yourself from electronic surveillance for people all over the world. Some aspects of this guide will be useful to people with very little technical knowledge, while others are aimed at an audience with considerable technical expertise and privacy/security trainers.
  • Tor Browser Guide: The purpose of this guide will be to try to help you setup TBB to surf as safe as possible. [▼ DOWN 2016-09-10 ]
  • How-to guides - How-to guides from the The Uncensored Hidden Wiki on all topics.
  • Summary of Deepweb - A funny and true summary of Tor onions. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]

Link lists

  • VisiTOR - Archived directory of all onion links, onions are user and automatically added and daily checked for uptime by a crawler, phising links are removed. [Protected Link] [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • EasyONIONS - onion search engine, easiest way to access a hidden service... you don't have to remember a random 16 characters url. A good concept, but unfortunately verifies scams. [CAUTION][1] [▼ DOWN 2017-05-11 ]
  • Daniel - Onion link list – List of onions which are checked for uptime on a daily basis. Users can edit descriptions and search through categorised links. Phishing clones and scams are filtered out or have a warning. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Fresh Onions - onion crawler, updated daily. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Link Dir – Onion Link Directory. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • The onions crate – List of onion sites, including cloner and phishing warnings. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Onion Url Repository – Onion Url Repository. (clearnet version) [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • OnionDir – Deep Web Link Directory. [CAUTION] [2] [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • OnionDir – Refer to the name. Another Tor directory, allows users to add services. Poorly organised and often leads to clones of sites instead of the official links. [CAUTION] [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Technodrome Catalog – This is Tor and Clearnet Links Catalog. Useful links to start your adventure in the Onion. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • TorLinks – Another non‐wiki mirror of The Hidden Wiki. Has a lot of dead and scam services listed. [CAUTION] [3] [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • UnderDir – A onion link list, with user contribution and URL check, report system and also a PM system with auto-PGP capabilities. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Tor Link List - Scam with many of the links owned by the same scammer, especially the Drug shops. [Likely SCAM][4] [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Eye On Ass — onion sites popularity rating. [Likely SCAM][5] [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]

Search engines


  • Tor Metrics - The primary place to learn interesting facts about the Tor network, the largest deployed anonymity network to date. If something can be measured safely, you'll find it here. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]
  • Tor Network Geodiversity Explorer - Displays the geodiversity of the Tor network and its nodes. [▼ DOWN 2016-12-11 ]
  • Munin - Tor health, bandwidth, and relays. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]

Social media

See the Social Networking topic section.


  • Hidden Answers - a fast neat site for asking questions and receiving answers on Tor, e.g. linklists, tips&tricks, scam-alerts, etc. [▲ UP 2017-08-26 ]


See the Wikis Topic page.


See the Blogs Topic Page

Dead Hidden Services

Do not simply remove services that appear to be offline from the above list! Services can go down temporarily, so we keep track of when they do and maintain a list of dead hidden services.

  • In addition to an onion simply being gone (Tor cannot resolve the onion), sites that display 404 (and use a known onion/URL based hosting service) are the only other thing that is considered truly DOWN. Presumably the account is gone.
  1. If a service has been down for a while, tag it with Template:Down using {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD}} (your guess as to when it went down).
  2. If a tagged service on the above list of live hidden services has come back up, remove the DOWN tag.
  3. If a tagged service is still down after a month, please move it (along with the DOWN tag) to the list of dead hidden services.
  • The general idea of the remaining four service states below is that, if the Hidden Service Descriptor is available, and something is responding behind it... the service is considered up, and we track that fact on the Main Page. If any of these subsequently go offline, append the DOWN tag and handle as above.
  1. Hello world's / statements, minimal sites, services with low user activity, etc (while boring)... are listed as usual.
  2. Broken services are those that display 404 (and do not use a known hosting service), PHP or other errors (or they fail silently)... any of which prevent the use of the service as intended. They also include blank pages, empty dirs and neglected status notes. Presumably the operator is in limbo. Broken services are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|reason}} (your guess as to when it went broken)
  3. Services that automatically redirect to another service (such as by HTTP protocol or script), have their redirection destinations noted in their descriptions. These are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|Redir to site}} (your guess as to when it went redir)
  4. Sites that are formally closed via announcement are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|Closed}} (your guess as to when it went closed)

Dead Hidden Services

See subpage Dead Hidden Services

References (Scam Proof)

  1. ↑ This was marked as scam, because they had verified scams sites and onion clones. However, their site was re-designed, and they appear to be much better about not verifying scam sites and clones.
  2. ↑ Links are out of date, and there is no way to suggest new links
  3. ↑ Links are out of date, and there is no way to suggest new links
  4. ↑ Owns the EuroCoke, Pharmaster Pills, and Dr. Greenthumb Crew scams, and many others
  5. ↑ Owner owns a scam clone of UnderDir, which changes links to scam clones. Same owner as a scam clone of Alpha bay.
  6. ↑ Not longer updated, and there are many scam clones listed. There is no way to report bad sites or suggest new ones.


Last complete Dead Service check was 2017-08-26 by --LinkChecker (talk)