Cannabis Road

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Cannabis Road
Cannabis road.png
Caption: Homepage
Web Address(s):
Referral: No
Uptime: 98.66%, 2.46%
Listings: 1366
Previously hacked: Yes [1]
Owner: Don Cannabis
Launched: March 2014
Current Status: Hacked [2]

Cannabis Road is a Tor hidden service darknet market founded in March 2014. Unlike other darknet markets on the deep web, Cannabis Road, in accordance with its name, only allows the sell of cannabis products. The site owner goes by the name of Don Cannabis. It is considered a top rated and recommended market with no reported issues. [3]


Update: August 25, 2014 Cannabis Road Hacked: $100,000 (~200 Bitcoins) Gone.[4]

Message from admin:

"Greetings Cannabis Road users. I am devastated to announce that we have officially been robbed of around $100,000 USD.

Shortly after 10:15 AM UTC, I logged on to check on some things to notice that the balance of our wallet was near zero. At first I thought it was a mistake, until I double checked, and triple checked, only to find out, we had in fact been robbed not 15 minutes earlier!

All coins were sent to this address.

At this point, I still have no idea how the coins were stolen, or who was involved. I am not, and will not, blame transaction malleability.

Once I find out how the coins were stolen, I am going to share as much information as possible to prevent this from happening to other markets.

I don’t know if Cannabis Road will continue to exist or not at this point, because there may be no reasonable way for us to recover from this. But now I know how Defcon felt, because I know a substantial number of you will be pointing the finger at myself, Crypto.

I am deeply sorry that I have failed you as a developer and a leader, and if I can figure out how this happened, maybe you will find it in your hearts to move past this and help us bring Cannabis Road back to life once again.

If not, it has been an honor serving you all.

Best regards,


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